Bayer's CONTOUR®

Key Features

The first step of control
  • It’s accurate results: built-in No Coding™ technology
  • It’s more comfortable: only requires a tiny blood sample
  • It’s easy viewing: large clear display
  • It’s testing on the go: in-pouch testing
A step up in control
  • It’s 7, 14 & 30 day averages: take a broader look at blood glucose readings
  • It’s pre- and post-meal markers: quickly identify trends in your mealtime readings
  • It’s an adjustable post-meal alarm: set a reminder to test after meals
  • It’s personal Hi and Lo target results: highlights tests that are above and below your personal target

Bayer’s CONTOUR meter was designed to make testing simple and trouble-free, so you can test your blood glucose with ease and gain better control of your diabetes.  What’s more, you’ll never outgrow this new meter. As you get more confident and want increased control, you can update your meter settings and use lots of added features.

METER RATING (163 ratings)
first class easy to use
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