Update Contour USB

To update or repair GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe software already installed on your computer or on your CONTOUR® USB meter from Bayer, download the GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe Updater.

The Updater tool allows you to:

  • Update GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe software from Bayer on your computer to the latest version
  • Update GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe on your CONTOUR® USB meter from Bayer to the latest version
  • Restore GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe on your CONTOUR® USB meter back to an operational state. This it to be used if certain files from CONTOUR® USB have been accidentally deleted or if GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe on your CONTOUR® USB has stopped operating.

GLUCOFACTS Deluxe 2.11.15

File Size : 18.67Mb
Dial Up (56k) : 58 minutes
Broadband (1meg) : 21 seconds
Broadband (8meg) : 3 seconds

Before you download GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe, you must first read
and accept the End User License Agreement

Click here to Download Now


NOTE: You will need your CONTOUR USB meter to perform this update. Please make sure it is readily available.

  1. Tick the box above to confirm you have read the End User License Agreement and click the download button when it turns blue.
  2. Select "SAVE" or "SAVE FILE" to begin the download.

    FIREFOX NOTE: In Firefox, the file will save to the default download directory as specified in the Firefox Options.

    INTERNET EXPLORER NOTE: In Internet Explorer, after pressing Save, you will be asked to chose the location of the downloaded file. Please take note of where the file is downloaded as you will need to know where the file is saved for the next step.

  3. Once the file has been downloaded per the previous step, locate the file called "Install GLUCOFACTS Deluxe Update Utility.exe" on your computer and double click. This will place a "Launch GLUCOFACTS Deluxe Update Utility" icon on your Desktop.

    NOTE: You may be presented with a Security Warning after double-clicking on the file. Please select Run to continue.

    NOTE: For Vista and Windows 7 users, you may need to temporarily disable User Account Control within Windows prior to performing Step 4. Search the phrase "User Account Control" in Windows Help.

  4. Double-click on the "Launch GLUCOFACTS DELUXE Update Utility" icon that was placed on your Desktop in the previous step.
  5. Plug in your CONTOUR USB meter.
  6. Select your language.
  7. Following a successful update, you will be informed that the update has completed.
  8. It is now safe to delete the "Install GLUCOFACTS Deluxe Update Utility.exe" file and the "Launch GLUCOFACTS Deluxe Update Utility" Desktop icon.

Please contact Bayer Diabetes Support on 0845 600 6030 (UK) or 1 890 920 111 (Ireland) if you experience any issues with your install.

Download the GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe User Guide for a complete list of features.

GLUCOFACTS Deluxe User Guide (1.10 Mb) GLUCOFACTS Deluxe Quick Start Guide (1.75 Mb)

System Requirements

  • Bayer's CONTOUR®, CONTOUR® Link, BREEZE 2 or DIDGET meter and compatible USB cable; or Bayer's CONTOUR® USB meter
  • A PC with the following:
    • Windows XP or Vista operating system
    • USB port
    • Java™ 1.6 (by Sun Microsystems Inc)
  • Additional compatibility is now available with GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe version 2.07.02:
    • Additional compatibility with Java version 17,18,19 and 20
    • Additional compatibility with Mac OS(R) 10.6.3 (Snow Leopard)
      Please note, GLUCOFACTS™ Deluxe for Mac is only compatible with Bayer's CONTOUR® USB meter